Where to Put Detergent in Bosch Washer? (Solved!)

If you are unsure where to put detergent in a Bosch washing machine, you have come to the right place! 

In this article, I’ll explain Bosch 3 compartment drawer. Plus, I’ll give some maintenance tips for keeping your detergent drawer mold and bacteria-free. 

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What Are the 3 Compartments in a Bosch Washing Machine Drawer?

The 3 compartments of a Bosch front-load washing machine drawer have different layouts depending on the model. With the rarely seen top load models, there is not usually a drawer to deal with. 

The three-compartment configuration is the most common:

  1. Main wash, a left-side compartment, for liquid or powder detergent
  2. Central compartment for softener or starch liquids
  3. Prewash, right-side compartment to add powder or liquid detergents to manage heavily soiled loads
Bosch washing machine detergent drawer

Where to Put Detergent in a Bosch Top Load Washing Machine?

Bosch top-load washing machines exist but aren’t common in the United States. Instead, they’re sold elsewhere, such as in the UK and Asia marketplaces. 

Of course, some people do import them stateside because they trust the reliability of German engineering.

As far as I could tell, there is no drawer to add detergent within a Bosch top loader. This is completely normal and what I’ve observed with other brands too. 

Using liquid detergent supplied in pods or discs is a good idea. They take advantage of the newer features of some Bosch top loader models. 

Relevant features include:

  • A water Variodrum water vortex system
  • Asymmetric water movement
  • Built-in scrub pads
  • A pumping tower

These assist in creating a better cleaning experience. 

Where to Put Detergent in a Bosch Front Load Washing Machine?

There are two main types of Bosch front-load washing machines. I will cover both here for completeness:

Modern Bosch Front Load Washing Machine

Newer Bosch front load machines have a familiar detergent drawer layout but confusing markings:

Left Drawer – The main wash drawer on the far left is marked with an indented “II” symbol on the plastic floor of the compartment. It is used for powder or liquid detergent, bleach, water softener, or stain remover. 

Center Drawer – A flower symbol is embossed on the floor of the center compartment. It signifies using this compartment for fabric softener or liquid starch. 

Right Drawer – The prewash compartment is on the right side, indicated by an indented “I” symbol. 

Bosch i-DOS Technology Washing Machines

The Bosch Intelligent Dosing (i-DOS) technology provides the option to let the washing machine determine the correct amount of detergent, softener, and other laundry consumables to use. 

It is seen in Series 6 and Series 8 models, though not available in all US and international markets. 

Once selected, an Auto option activates this feature. From there, the machine will use an appropriate amount of available detergent and softeners based on its measurements of the level of soiling, size of the load, hardness of the water, etc.  

The orientation of the detergent drawer is the opposite of modern Bosch non-i-DOS washing machines models:

Right Drawer – A 1 Liter capacity compartment, with a lift-up cover, on the far-right side stores liquid detergent. 

Center Drawer – The center-covered compartment holds up to 0.5 liters of either an alternative liquid detergent or a liquid softener. 

Left Drawer – The left side open compartment holds powder detergent or stain remover.

Bosch Washer Detergent Drawer Maintenance Tips

Like any household appliance, a Bosch washing machine only runs as well as it’s maintained. When not tending to its needs, the machine will eventually break down or, at the very least, begin to clean garments less effectively. 

It’s best to remove the detergent drawer every few months for cleaning. Otherwise, it will develop mold and add bacteria to every wash. 

How to Clean a Bosch Detergent Drawer

With time, a Bosch detergent drawer develops a film or gunk and crud around its internals. So it’s wise to remove it every few months to clean it. 

Remove the Detergent Drawer 

You’ll need to remove the drawer from the machine.

How to remove the detergent drawer:

  1. Pull the tray partially out to expose the raised blue container in the center
  2. Look for a raised blue button at the top of the blue container.
  3. Press the button down to unclip the tray
  4. Then slide the drawer out

Once removed, do the following:

  1. Wipe down the machine’s exposed interior where the drawer originally was positioned
  2. Use a moist cloth to do so
  3. Remove any build-up or mold
  4. Dry the internal surfaces fully afterward to prevent moisture from remaining inside the machine after the drawer is refitted

Clean the Detergent Drawer

Next, use a cleaning solution to combat any mold or grime present inside, atop, on the sides, rear, and underside of the drawer:

  1. Use a domestic cleaning solution or soapy suds
  2. Use an old toothbrush to brush and then clean the difficult-to-reach corners and edges
  3. Don’t forget the exterior of the drawer too
  4. Dry the drawer with a clean cloth, removing any remaining moisture
  5. Now re-install the drawer by lining it up correctly. You should hear a “click” sound when it slots into place correctly

Other Bosch Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Washing Machine Running Well

Here are a few quick Bosch maintenance tips:

  • Leave the door open: After a wash cycle, leave the door ajar to avoid moisture build-ups 
  • Run a cleaning cycle or a cleaning solution: Utilize the Bosch cleaning cycle or use a washing machine cleaning solution to periodically clean the washing drum 
  • Clean out the washing machine filter: This cylinder collects anything left inside your clothes, including bobby pins, paper clips, and more. Flush it out and refit it

3 Detergent I Highly Recommend You Use

Now that you know where to put detergent in a Bosch washing machine, what detergent to use? 

Choosing the best detergent product for the task is essential. While there are general-use ones, they seldom perform brilliantly for every laundry task. 

For example, some are better at stain removal, whereas others treat delicate items, like wool garments, with greater care. 

Here are the 3 detergents I highly recommend for Bosch’s washing machines.

Gain Botanicals Plant-Based Laundry Detergent

The Gain Botanicals plant-based detergent contains at least 65 percent plant-derived ingredients. As a result, it ticks the boxes for vegans and other relevant consumers. 

Also, no dyes are used, so for people like me with sensitive skin, that’s a bonus. 

The orange blossom vanilla scent is quite pungent. There is an alternatively scented version if the first one isn’t preferred. 

Tide Hygienic Clean Heavy Duty 10x Power PODS

The Tide Hygienic Clean is intended for heavy-duty, soiled washes. It comes in pods, which are easy to add to any wash. 

The National Eczema Association rates this detergent highly because it does not irritate the skin. Despite this, it tackles a variety of stains effectively. This potentially removes the need for a separate stain remover, saving you money. 

Persil ProClean Discs Laundry Detergent Packs

The Persil ProClean Discs detergent is their original, deep-cleaning version. It cleans effectively, renews fabric fibers, banishes everyday stains, and supports newer high-efficiency washing machines. 

This version is the standard bearer. There are ProClean products from Persil for sensitive skin, a fresh scent, or one with OXI bleach. The discs are also convenient for use, removing the need to measure out liquid detergent each time. 

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