Where to Put Detergent in Hotpoint Washer? (Solved!)

For optimal results, you must know how to correctly use the Hotpoint detergent dispenser drawer.

So if you’re wondering “where to put detergent in a Hotpoint washing machine”, you have come to the right place!

In this article, I’ll explain Hotpoint 3 compartment drawer. Also, provide tips for keeping your detergent dispenser drawer mold and bacteria-free. 

What Are the 3 Compartments in a Hotpoint Washing Machine Drawer?

The Hotpoint washing machine drawer is also referred to as a detergent dispenser drawer. 

In either case, with a front load washing machine, it’s where the powder or liquid detergent is added, and as appropriate and when possible, a liquid fabric softener, too. 

Pulling out the Hotpoint washing machine drawer is simple. Doing so reveals three inner compartments:

  1. Washing powder/liquid detergent: Right side curving around the edge
  2. Fabric Softener: Left front colored, covered compartment
  3. Rear vacant compartment: Unused with the latest Hotpoint models

In a later section, I’ll go into more detail about using a Hotpoint front load model.

With a Hotpoint top-loading washing machine, things are somewhat different. I cover this directly below.

Pouring detergent into washing machine detergent drawer

Where to Put Detergent in a Hotpoint Top Load Washing Machine?

A Hotpoint top-loading washing machine is designed differently from a front-load model. If you’ve only ever seen and used a front loader, it is a bit confusing the first time. 

Unless you have an anomaly with the Hotpoint model, there is no detergent dispenser drawer to pull out and load up for a top-loading model. 

Here is what to do instead:

Pretreatment for Fabric Stains

For clothing with spots or stains and where you’d like to add a stain remover, do this pretreatment as the first thing.

If the stain remover is a liquid that goes inside the wash rather than directly on the clothing items, pour it at the lowest accessible level in the wash basket. 

Powder and Liquid Detergent

Place detergent pods at the bottom of the wash basket, below any clothes. These are designed to move around within the wash to spread the detergent evenly. 

If using detergent powder, apply it evenly throughout the added garments. Otherwise, the washing cycle won’t deliver a consistent result. 

Avoid adding too much detergent. It clogs up washing machines, and counterintuitively; it does not result in a cleaner wash. 

Also, too little detergent makes washing less efficient. With that said, locally soft water, minimal soiling on the clothing, or a half load of washing does suggest using less. 

Liquid Fabric Softeners

With the liquid fabric softener, some Hotpoint top load models include a liquid fabric softener dispenser cup. Other models do not.

For the ones that do, it’s located in the center of the wash basket, attached to the top of the agitator. Someone must securely screw it in, otherwise, softener liquid may get released too early in the wash cycle sequence.

With the dispenser top open, pour in the liquid fabric softener. Diluting the softener is sometimes needed; see the product label to confirm. Pour some water into the dispenser too. Do not pour softener or water into the agitator below it. 

Note: Never add fabric softener directly to clothing because it permanently stains garments due to its concentrated nature. 

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Where to Put Detergent in a Hotpoint Front Load Washing Machine?

A Hotpoint front-load washing machine has had several detergent drawer designs over the years. 

Therefore, it is a good idea to consult the manual for your Hotpoint washing machine model to confirm the details if you believe they might differ. 

Modern Hotpoint washers, like the Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine, possess a pull-out drawer on the left side of the machine. Internally, it is curved from the front left to the rear right, similar to a half-moon-like shape. This allows it to be retracted in a right-to-left motion. 

Pretreatment for Fabric Stains

Add pretreatment for fabric stains directly to the garment unless the stain remover product offers different instructions. 

Powder and Liquid Detergent

Powder or liquid detergent goes into the compartment on the far-right side. It is the one next to the curved edge. 

As noted earlier, if your washer-dryer model has a rectangular pull-out drawer, refer to your manual to confirm the detergent drawer specifics. They may vary. 

Sometimes, old washing machines might not have a detergent pull-out drawer, or the drawer is stuck in the closed position. 

Get a stuck drawer fixed at a later time. You can usually still perform a machine wash by adding a liquid detergent ball or other solution directly to the wash basket. It’s a temporary workaround until the drawer issue is resolved. 

Liquid Fabric Softeners

The liquid fabric softener compartment is the blue-colored, tall triangular-shaped container on the left side. 

Pour in the required amount of softener – see the product label to confirm the correct amount for the load size – for best results. 

Hotpoint Washer Detergent Drawer Maintenance Tips

Depending on how regularly it’s used, the Hotpoint washer’s detergent drawer may become dirty. 

Worst still, moisture residue – especially from liquid washing liquid or softeners – lingers, potentially allowing mold or other bacteria to develop. 

Detaching and washing the dispenser is worth doing every few months to keep it free of bacteria. 

Here is the correct process:

  1. Pull out the curved dispenser drawer
  2. Elevate the drawer gently. You should hear a click. It’s then released from the left-side arm attachment
  3. Make up a soapy water solution to wipe down the detergent arm and other exposed internal areas
  4. Use the same cleaner to wash and scrub the drawer from top to bottom, including the underside. A bottle cleaner, toothbrush, or other cleaning implement is useful to reach all the corners
  5. Dry all the parts with a clean cloth or allow time to dry on its own
  6. Re-install the dispenser drawer and confirm that it’s sliding in and out correctly

3 Detergent I Highly Recommend You Use

 Powerful detergents must be suitable for the task. Otherwise, it leads to inferior results. 

For example, you should never use hand washing detergents in automatic washing machines. They create too much froth and foam during the wash cycle. 

Now that you know where to put detergent in a Hotpoint washing machine, what detergent to use?

Here are the 3 detergents I highly recommend for Hotpoint washing machines.

Tide Hygienic Clean Heavy 10x Duty Power PODS

Tide Clean Heavy is designed to access between the fibers to ensure they’re white than white or return the vibrant hue to previously bright colors. 

It uses large pods to add inside the wash basket. They’re best for full loads rather than half loads. Effective enough to clean white sheets without the need for bleach too.

Persil ProClean Discs Laundry Detergent Pacs + Oxi

ProClean from Persil is excellent at attacking fabric stains. Its discs are convenient to use. 

The Oxi bleach included helps to brighten whites and colors. Because of this, pretreatment is often unnecessary. 

Woolite All Darks Liquid Laundry Detergent

Woolite All Darks is ideal for safeguarding delicate fabrics from losing their bounciness or color depth. Any chlorine ions and metals get stripped from garments to protect them.

It even tries to remove pilling from older woolen or cotton garments, potentially extending their life for another year. 

Where it is a little less effective is in stain removal. Therefore, using one of the above detergents is best with heavily soiled garments.