Samsung Washing Machine Air Turbo (Explained)

Samsung’s Air Turbo feature works by drawing room temperature air into the washer during a fast spin cycle to create a whirlwind within the machine – meaning clothes are dried around 30-40% quicker than if they were taken straight out of the washer and put straight on a drying rack.

Does Samsung Washing Machine Air Turbo Dry Clothes?

Yes, partly. It will leave your clothes dryer than they would be after a normal spin cycle, but you will still need to tumble dry or pop them on a drying rack afterward. 

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What is Air Turbo in a Samsung Washing Machine?

Samsung’s Air Turbo mode will partially dry your clothes just by adding extra air into the machine and spinning faster – there’s no heat component involved.

You can select how long it runs for – either 30 minutes (default) or 15 minutes, and it can only be selected in cycles where Spin is selected. 

When to Use Air Turbo

Air Turbo can be used for any loads that are going through a cycle that includes a Spin – but because of its nature, it’s generally designed for synthetic fabrics or bulky items and is best avoided for delicates or clothes that aren’t designed to be spun.

Tip: Always double-check the washing instructions tag on your clothes first, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Air Turbo vs Tumble Dryer

The main differences between Air Turbo and a Tumble Dryer are that Air Turbo doesn’t use heat, and Air Turbo won’t completely dry your clothes – you’ll still need to Tumble Dry them afterward or hang them up to finish drying. 

However, if you want to save money on your energy bills, Air Turbo will help to reduce the amount of time the clothes need to be in the tumble dryer – so it’s still worthwhile even if you have both options available!

How to Start Samsung Air Turbo Cycle

Simply press the ‘Air Turbo’ button when selecting what program to run your cycle through – if you press the button once, it’ll run for the default 30 minutes, a second press will reduce that to 15 minutes, and a third press will turn it off. 

Benefits of Samsung’s Air Turbo Mode

  • Reduces drying time by 30-40%
  • Reduces tumble drying time and saves money on energy bills
  • Perfect for bulky or synthetic items
  • Less chance of bad odors in your home during the rainy and winter months, as your clothes won’t be damp for as long


Can a Samsung Washing Machine Dry Clothes?

Not all Samsung machines have this feature, but if you have one with Air Turbo, it can partially dry your clothes and reduce the overall drying time by 30-40%.

Is Air Turbo on All Samsung Washing Machines?

At the moment, Air Turbo is only available on selected Samsung top-load washing machines, so if this matters to you, make sure it’s on the feature list of your chosen model before buying.

To Wrap Up

In summary, Air Turbo is perfect if you regularly wash synthetic or bulky items and want to find a way to dry them more quickly – which can be especially handy during the cold and wet winter months.

It is more energy efficient than a tumble dryer as there’s no heat involved, but it won’t leave your clothes completely dry. 

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