Bosch Washing Machine Door Locked? (Here’s What to Do)

My Bosch washing machine door won’t open, what to do? 

If your Bosch washing machine door is locked, there are a few ways to unlock it, including door release tricks, resetting the machine, using a secret door mechanism, plus old-school techniques too.

In this article, you’ll learn all the methods on how to unlock a Bosch washing machine.

Why Is My Bosch Washing Machine Door Locked?

A red-light lock indicator is usually present on models with an informative display. It confirms the door is locked deliberately. 

Occasionally, accidental activation of the child lock feature prevents the door from opening. Even cleaning the front of the machine does this sometimes. 

Here are 4 potential causes for why your Bosch washing machine door locked unexpectedly: 

  1. The control board got confused. 
  2. Abortive wash cycle with the door locked.
  3. Door locked due to safety reasons. 
  4. A Malfunction.

Control Board Confusion

Just like operating systems that sometimes go a bit nutty and need a reboot, control boards inside washing machines exhibit issues occasionally. 

Abortive Wash Cycle with Door Locked

Sometimes, the wash cycle ends early, and the door gets stuck in a locked position. Also, water present inside the drum causes models to maintain the door lock to avoid flooding the room. 

Door Locked Due to Safety Reasons

The washer’s door is often locked due to safety reasons. Scolding water may still be inside. The drum is still spinning. Etc. 

A Malfunction

A general malfunction or a broken part causes doors to lock in place. The door handle/release mechanism has malfunctioned. 

The electronic signal to trigger/release the door isn’t activating correctly due to a faulty control board, bad wiring, or a failed part. 

Bosch washing machine

How to Unlock a Bosch Washing Machine

Here are 7 approaches you can try to unlock your Bosch washing machine.

Approach #1: Reboot the Control Board

When the control board gets confused, a basic reboot is required. 

Turn off the washing machine and unplug it. Leave it in this state for 10 minutes or longer. 

This is usually enough time for the control board to power down. The board starts up as expected when plugging back in and turning the machine on. 

Assuming that there is no board fault for causing further issues. 

Approach #2: Release the Door After the Wash Cycle

After a wash cycle ends prematurely or is manually ended, sometimes the door is stuck. Drain the drum of water beforehand, or it won’t release the door latch. 

Below is the process to follow:

  1. Open the front right access cover.
  2. Place an empty container in front of it.
  3. Pull out the small drain hose and remove the filter.
  4. Empty the drum’s remaining water through the drain hose until it’s empty.
  5. Refit the filter and return the hose to its previous position. 
  6. Wait a few minutes. The door should reset and unlock itself once the sensors notice the water is gone. 
  7. If the door does not release automatically following the water purge, follow approach #3.

Approach #3: Simplest Unlock Procedure

  1. Hold the Start/Pause button for at least 5 seconds. Then release.
  2. Hopefully, the washing machine goes into unlock mode.
  3. Newer models prompt for the PIN at this stage. The default PIN is 0000. Enter your machine’s PIN when ready.
  4. Hold the Start/Pause button down again. This activates the door unlocking process. 
  5. If this fails to work, follow approach #4.

Approach #4: RPM and Finished in Buttons to the Rescue

  1. Hold down the Finished In and RPM buttons together. Do so for 5+ seconds. This activates the unlock mode.
  2. Look for changes to the washing machine’s state. 
  3. On compatible models, the door releases at this stage.
  4. If this approach doesn’t work for your model, follow approach #5.

Approach #5: A plastic Card or Nylon String for the Win

On occasion, the door latch is stuck. There is no fault or major issue. It’s just stiff, and didn’t release the door lock correctly.

Two workarounds when other methods haven’t worked and you’d rather not perform either a soft or hard reset is to use a plastic card or nylon string. 

Ensure the drum is empty of water before attempting either of these. 

Watch the video below to see these methods in action.

Approach #6: Soft Reset

Triggering soft resets is different depending on the Bosch washing machine model.

For example, with some models, turning the dial halfway (to the 6 o’clock position) and holding the Spin button begins the process. Then, moving the dial clockwise 90 degrees and confirming the 8:88 code shown on the display is next. 

Lastly, further turning the dial clockwise, 90 degrees finishes the soft reset. 

Other models, such as one from the 500 Series, require the dial position set to Off while depressing the Options and Spin Speed buttons together for several seconds. 

Initiating a soft reset varies considerably from model to model. Please consult your product’s manual to be sure. 

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Approach #7: Hard Reset

I usually perform a hard reset by unplugging the washing machine while holding down the Power/On/Off button for up to 10 seconds.

Hard resets remove oddities caused by power surges and resolve tripped sensors and other miscellaneous issues.

If this doesn’t work, check your product’s manual for further information on reset procedures. 

Trying to open a locked Bosch washing machine door

Bosch Washer Door Still Locked… 

The emergency release latch is available on newer Bosch washing machines. Older ones won’t have one. 

Only use this when the wash cycle is Off. Unplug the machine. Allow water to drain or let it cool first, then drain it via the front drain flap. 

Open the washer door flap. Looking up and to the right of the drain plug is an emergency door release mechanism. Use a flathead screwdriver to press into the lowest access hole and press it down. 

This acts as a pulley to pull the door release mechanism down and the door free. 


How to open Bosch washing machine door mid-cycle?

Here is the procedure to open a Bosch washing machine during mid-cycle:

  • Hold down the Start button.
  • Press the Start button and the Door Open button for a few seconds. Once accepted, the Attention light illuminates.
  • Give the Start button a second press. The Attention light illuminates again, but the machine won’t run a cycle. 
  • Hit the Back button.
  • Now, hold the Back button and the Door Open button down together for a few seconds. The Attention light will turn on again.
  • Once it has, press the Start button. This causes the Attention light to enable, but the drum again won’t spin. 
  • Press on the Door Open button.
  • Now, depress the Back and Start buttons together. The Attention light will turn on again. 
  • Lastly, press the Back button. 
  • The machine should come back to life, and the door unlocks itself. 

How to deactivate child lock on Bosch washing machine?

Accidental activation of the Child Lock occurs when cleaning the appliance. Look for either CL or a Child Lock symbol on the display. 

To disable the Child Lock, here are three methods:

  1. Hold the Finished In button and the RPM button down together. Wait for the audible beep, and the CL indicator symbol is removed. 
  2. For other older Bosch models, simply hold the Start button for several seconds until it emits a beep. Then the display no longer shows the symbol (it looks like a key).
  3. Newer Bosch washing machines sporting a digital display show a square-looking button as a key symbol and a 3-sec notation beneath it. This tells you to hold the key button for this amount of time. Once done, the child lock is disabled, the button becomes less visible, and a beep sounds. 

Alternatively, watch the video below. The presenter demonstrates a wide range of different approaches to disabling the Child Lock, depending on the Bosch model in your home:

Wrapping Up

By going through the 7 approaches listed above you should be able to unlock your Bosch washing machine door without any problem.

Sometimes, the child lock is mysteriously enabled. Other times, troubleshooting is required to get the door safely unlocked again. 

In almost all cases, it’s unnecessary to book a service call. 

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