Using Pine-Sol in the Laundry (8 Benefits and How to Guide)

Pine-Sol is an excellent all-purpose cleaner for non-porous surfaces, such as baths, showers, sinks, floors, and toilets. But can you use Pine-Sol in laundry?

The manufacturer suggests using it in laundry cycles for its disinfecting power and stain removal excellence. It has a pleasing scent too. Plus, pairing it with your favorite laundry detergent is fine. 

Let’s explore the benefits of using Pin-Sol in the laundry and how to get the best result when doing so.

Why Use Pine-Sol in Laundry?

With some all-purpose cleaners, using them with your laundry loads is possible but not recommended by the brand. However, Pine-Sol is different. 

The manufacturer specifically recommends its use for your laundry. It tackles troublesome stains, disinfects old clothing, removes unpleasant odors, and replaces them with a new, pleasant smell. 

How much Pine Sol to use depends on the activity:

For example, when dealing with muddy stains, tracked-on dirt, or fabric spills, dabbing a cloth that’s received the full-strength application of Pine-Sol, delivers cleaner results. Diluting first is unnecessary and reduces its effectiveness with laundry tasks.

If mopping floors or cleaning hard surfaces with it, diluting is worthwhile. A 40 fl oz makes over 20 gallons of liquid cleaner for other miscellaneous household tasks. 

Pine Sol is used in home kitchens and commercial ones too. Its lavender scent is less strong (other scents available), and more pleasing for many people than Fabuloso.

That said, it’s usually on the pricier side but considered worth it for its cleaning power and long-lasting aroma. 

8 Benefits of Using Pine-Sol in Laundry

While Pine-Sol is a multi-purpose, multi-surface dilutable cleaning product, my focus in this article is more on laundry use.

Accordingly, here I look at the benefit of using Pine-Sol in laundry runs. 

1. Strong Stain Removal Credentials

For stain removal, Pine-Sol has much to recommend it. As I’ve mentioned, a full-strength application is required over the affected area for improved results.

Here, it’s best directly applied onto the stain, rather than simply adding it undiluted in the laundry. 

Later, I will cover how to remove stains using this excellent all-purpose cleaner. 

2. Disinfectant for Laundry

A half cup (125ml) of Pine-Sol poured into the laundry or added to the detergent dispenser is all it takes to disinfect your laundry.

This liquid cleaner disinfects on a serious level. It eliminated 99.9% of bacteria and nasty germs no one wants in their home.

Not only that, but it also wipes out COVID-19, one of the Influenza A strains, Staphylococcus aureus (connected to staph infections), and Salmonella (a food-poisoning bacteria). 

3. Better Scent for Musty Clothes

Clothes smell bad after being stuck at the back of closets for too long. Also, dried sweat from hot days or sporting activities lingers when not washing clothing soon after removing sporting apparel. Old food stains or other contaminants allow bacteria to develop, too. 

While laundry detergent and fabric softeners add their respective scents, these aren’t always enough to replace foul odors after a washing load is finished.  

I’d recommend the Original or lavender scent from Pine-Sol because they’re comfortable and not overbearing. The available scents include Original Pine-Sol, Lemon Fresh, Sparkling Wave, and Lavender Clean. 

4. Sports Clothing Meets Its Maker

Regularly laundry detergents have a tough time with seriously soiled clothing from playing sports. This includes grass stains from sliding along the ground, muddy imprints, general dirty clothing, and sweat. 

Whether you’ve got active kids at home or a partner who plays sports on the weekend, you’ll gladly reach for your bottle of Pine-Sol. It gives your washing machine an extra boost to improve its cleaning prowess just when it’s needed!

5. Soften Fibers and Remove Static

Pine-Sol gets into the fibers to overhaul towels that have stiffened. It brings the bounciness back just when you were thinking of discarding them.  

Static on washed and dried clothes is a problem, especially in dry regions. A little Pine-Sol works well to remove static from clothing.

6. Manages Grease Stains

For home cooks or anyone who works in hospitality, grease stains are a royal pain. 

Fortunately, just apply this all-purpose cleaner, at full strength, directly to the grease stain. Then leave it to stand for 20 minutes before placing the item in the washing machine. 

7. Environmentally Friendly

The Pine-Sol cleaner is environmentally friendly. 

The manufacturer confirms in their literature that it contains no phosphorus or ammonia. It’s also confirmed to be safe with home septic systems. 

Health Canada, a federal agency across the border, has conducted a complete review of Pine-Sol. It was determined to be a safe household disinfectant and fine for the environment, too. 

8. Pet Friendly

Your pets don’t have a problem with clothing washed in a little Pine-Sol.

It must be stored securely away from inquisitive furry creatures of all kinds! 

How to Use Pine-Sol in Laundry

To reap the benefits of this multi-purpose cleaner, it’s necessary to know how best to use it.

Here I describe how to use Pine-Sol with your laundry. I focus on using it with a washing machine, but you could use it with hand washing, too.

First, Manage Any Stains: Light stains often disappear with Pine-Sol added directly to the washing load. But for heavy staining, follow a pre-treatment process by pouring the undiluted product on a clean cloth and then dabbing it directly on the stain. Wait 15 minutes before proceeding.

Also, see our stain removal section later in this article. 

Check Clothing Labels: Clothes, towels, and other items come with attached tags providing wash and dry instructions. They confirm if the item is color-safe or not (if color dyes bleed when using stain removers).

Label tags confirm appropriate washing temperatures and drying procedures, too. 

Use Your Preferred Washing Cycle: Unlike with some other laundry cleaners, it’s unnecessary to select a delicate-only wash cycle. The Pine-Sol works with whatever cycle is appropriate. 

Match the wash cycle to what the items require to avoid shrinking or otherwise damaging them through inattention. 

Add Your Laundry Detergent: Pine-Sol is a laundry detergent agnostic cleaner. The detergent brand does not matter. Also, it is not important whether it’s a powder, a liquid, or hidden away in a mini pod added inside the washing drum. 

No particular detergent choice improves washing performance when combined with Pine-Sol. 

Now Add Some Pine-Sol: A suggested measurement of approximately half a cup (125ml) of undiluted Pine-Sol is appropriate for the average washing load. Add it either in the laundry detergent drawer or for top-loading washing machines directly inside the drum. 

The volume of liquid cleaner to use is modestly adjustable based on smaller or larger washing loads. However, use temperance here even if you have more items to wash than normal.

It’s best to do multiple washing loads, separating the colors from the whites, and the heavily soiled from lightly soiled, as needed. 

Press the Start Button: When the washing machine’s door/lid and detergent drawer are both closed, press the Start button. 

After it completes the washing, dry clothes as you prefer. It’s worth remembering that line drying is gentler on your fabrics than a tumble dryer. 

How To Use Pine-Sol as a Stain Remover for Clothes

Pine-Sol is renowned for its stain removal properties on a wide range of fabrics, clothing, apparel, etc. When struggling to get grass, mud, coffee, miscellaneous sauces, and assorted foodie stains out of a favorite shirt or long pants, fear not!

There are two approaches to stain removal. It depends on how bad the staining is. 

For Basic Stains

Light stains don’t always need the direct application of Pine-Sol on the affected area. 

Instead, simply running a normal washing load with the all-purpose cleaner added to your laundry detergent is fine. There is enough cleaner present in the water to work its magic on the stain.

Yet sometimes, that isn’t sufficient… 

For Terrible Stains

For nasty stains or even medium ones that are deep into the fabric, a more direct approach is warranted. 

Do the following to clean terrible stains using Pine-Sol:

  1. Get a clean cloth.
  2. Add non-diluted Pine-Sol to the cloth.
  3. Dab the wet area of the cloth onto the stain area. 
  4. Ensure there’s enough cleaning liquid applied to the affected area. 
  5. Throw the item into the washing machine. 
  6. Either wash directly with laundry detergent or add 125ml/half a cup of Pine-Sol to disinfect the entire wash. 

Can You Mix Pine-Sol and Laundry Detergent?

Mixing Pine Sol and laundry detergent is completely fine. It won’t do any harm to your clothes and other items. 

Doing so lessens the effectiveness of either the washing detergent or the all-purpose cleaner. 

Given that Pine-Sol is a softener and adds its fragrance, avoid adding a separate fabric softener, even if you usually would. It’s unnecessary and could deliver unwanted results. 

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Other Laundry Detergent Boosters to Try

There are other boosters to a laundry detergent worth giving a try. 

Here are three laundry detergent boosters to consider:

Borax: Adding Borax fixes an issue where detergent compounds settle at the bottom of the drum and become less effective for stain removal. Borax successfully adjusts the water ions to improve stain removal. It contains hydrogen peroxide though, so usually it is best only in white-colored clothes. 

Oxygen Bleach: The inclusion of sodium percarbonate and sodium perborate removes dirt while adding vibrance to colors and whites. It removes stains well, too. I believe oxygen bleach to be fine for all fabrics and color usage. 

Washing Soda: As an alternative to the popular baking soda, washing soda contains sodium carbonate to soften hard water. This indirectly assists laundry detergent ingredients, increasing their effectiveness in removing soil from fibers and keeping them separate throughout the washing cycle. 


Is it safe to use Pine-Sol in laundry?

It is safe to use Pine-Sol with your laundry.

The manufacturer recommends using a half cup for a washing load. It does not need diluting for laundry, unlike when cleaning hard porous surfaces. 

Will Pine-Sol bleach clothes?

No, Pine-Sol does not contain any bleach. Colors remain vibrant and strong after using this all-purpose cleaner. 

Will Pine-Sol ruin clothes?

No, Pine-Sol takes care of clothes, linens, and other items extremely well. It refreshes, disinfects, cleans, and renews the fibers. Then it adds a delightful lavender (or other scent) to the laundry. 

Ensure that all the items are colorfast, meaning they’re protected from the color dyes running. 

Can you use Pine-Sol on colored clothes?

Yes, Pine-Sol is safe to use on colorfast clothes. These are ones that the producer confirmed won’t experience dye runs or other adverse effects when using a stain remover or similar product on them. Avoid using Pine-Sol on non-color-safe colored clothing. 

Non-colorfast clothes require testing in an innocuous area of the item to hide any potential stain response. Always do this before washing them using this multi-purpose cleaner. 

Does Pine-Sol soften clothes?

Pine-Sol is also a fabric softener. So, it turns stiff or crusted fabrics into ones that are softer to the touch. 

How much Pine-Sol should I add to my laundry?

125ml or half a cup is what the brand recommends for a regular amount of fabric soiling or stains. It’s not sensible to go much below or above this level. 

To Wrap Up

To renew fibers, remove stains, disinfect garments, and add a lovely scent, Pine-Sol is a good all-rounder. I would recommend it even if it was only kind to your laundry.

However, it’s also highly adaptable as a disinfecting liquid cleaner for different hard surfaces, sealed flooring, shower stalls, toilets, and so much more.

Admittedly, this versatility and effectiveness come at a cost. But I believe it’s worth it.

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