Hotpoint Washing Machine Door Locked? (Here’s What to Do)

Your Hotpoint washing machine door is stuck and won’t open. What should you do?

There are five likely reasons why the door won’t open, which include:

  1. The washing cycle ended prematurely
  2. The door lock mechanism is sticky or faulty
  3. The control board became confused
  4. An F-06 error
  5. Washing machine malfunction

Make sure it’s not only the child lock that is causing the problem.

There are a few ways to unlock a stuck washer door, including door release tricks, using a secret door mechanism, plus some old-school techniques. In this article, you’ll learn all the methods, but first, let’s go a little deeper into the reasons behind this issue.

5 Reasons Why Your Hotpoint Washing Machine Door Won’t Open

Here are the five most common reasons why a Hotpoint washing machine door won’t open.

The washing cycle ended prematurely

A power cut in your street or a tripped fuse in your fuse box both cause a washing machine to turn off and turn back on later. 

When these occur, the washing cycle is terminated, but the locking mechanism won’t release. 

Washing machine door lock mechanism

The door lock mechanism is sticky or faulty

A door lock mechanism with a poorly manufactured part or a damaged one becomes sticky.

Just like with a front door, if it’s not fitted correctly or sized perfectly, the door won’t open and close smoothly. And… so it is for your Hotpoint appliance, too. 

The control board became confused

The control board is the brain of your appliance. 

On occasion, it gets confused and begins acting up. At this stage, the LED indicator lights won’t necessarily make sense, or other things, like locks, won’t release when expected. 

Most of the time, this does not suggest a faulty control board. However, if it keeps happening, then it is something to consider, especially if the appliance is under warranty and it’s expiring soon.   

F-06 Error

An F-06 error code is indicated by multiple cycled LED lights, the F-06 code displayed, and the door locked.

Washing machine malfunction

A general malfunction occurs randomly in machines. I’ve experienced it, and it’s not related to a specific brand or model. A Hotpoint appliance is no exception.

Bad wiring, poor assembly, or the appliance jostled too much during the delivery process can all do it. 

The question here is whether the same issue keeps cropping up or a mix of different ones randomly occurring. And do they keep reoccurring, suggesting a pattern of faulty behavior?

Trying to open a locked washing machine door

How to Unlock a Locked Hotpoint Washing Machine Door

Here are 4 suggestions you can try to unlock your Hotpoint washing machine.

Turn off the Washing Machine

To soft reset your Hotpoint washing machine, turn it off at the power outlet. Unplugging it is useful too. 

Leave it for 5 minutes before plugging it back in and turning it on. 

Now check the door to see if the locking mechanism is released. 

Access the Manual Door Release

Many Hotpoint models include a manual release lever to pull on and release a stuck door. 

To access the release lever:

  1. Open the front panel at the bottom of the washing machine.
  2. On the far right, beyond the filter, is a green-colored pull lever.
  3. Gently pull down on it to release the door. Note: it’s plastic, so be careful not to snap it in half
  4. It should release the door.  

Use a Plastic Card on the Door

An old credit or debit card is an excellent tool to prop open the door by releasing the internal lock. 

Find the gap between the machine’s frame and the circular door. Slide the card in on the right side of the door at the midpoint. Move it around and push it in and out. 

It requires some persistence for a minute or two to get lucky with this method.

Use nylon or Fishing Line

Another approach is to gather up a decent length of fishing line or nylon cord.

The idea here is to trip open the door lock by positioning the cord or line inside the door and along the door lock mechanism.

Feed the line carefully inside the edge of the door, between the frame and the door, until the cord is approximately around half the door’s circumference. 

Once achieved, pull on both ends of the cord from the left side. Doing so encourages the door lock to be forced open by the line or cord as it moves deeper inside the door.  

Hotpoint Washing Machine Door Still Locked…

If your Hotpoint washer door still won’t open then consider these two options:

Hotpoint Washing Machine Child Lock

Most washing machines, including Hotpoint models, include a Child Lock feature. It prevents children from accidentally opening the washer’s door in the middle of a washing cycle.

For adults, leaning against the Child Lock button, it’s possible to engage it without intending to. 

When a washing cycle is occurring, the key symbol is lit up in a red color, confirming the door is locked. This is a safety measure. However, if the button light marked Child Lock is lit in an amber/orange color, this confirms that the Child Lock is engaged. 

To disengage the child lock, hold down the button labeled Child Lock for 3 seconds. You should hear an audible “beep” sound, and the amber/orange light turns off. 

See the video below to better understand what to look for. 

Door Lock Mechanism Replacement 

When repeated instances of the door lock not releasing occur, the door lock mechanism may be broken or damaged. 

It is a simple mechanism in design. Yet, cosmetic damage to the lock prevents it from operating correctly. If this is the case, then an appliance technician needs to attend to examine it and possibly replace it. 

Take a look at the video below to understand what’s involved in a Hotpoint lock mechanism replacement:

To Wrap Up

In most cases, when your Hotpoint washing machine door gets locked, there is no need to call an expensive appliance technician. It’s usually something you can easily fix yourself. So go through the steps above, and you should be able to open your washer door.


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