Using Fabuloso in Laundry (10 Benefits and How to)

Fabuloso is a multi-purpose cleaner. It’s a excellent addition to laundry detergent for a load of laundry in the washing machine or for a separate cleaning cycle.

You can use Fabuloso in laundry but do so sparingly early into the washing cycle, diluted by the direct water feed in the machine.

Using this household cleaner for hand washing clothes, a small cup is plenty potent enough. It cleans well and introduces a strong, fresh fragrance, too. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to use Fabuloso in the washing machine, the benefits, and the downsides of using Fabuloso in laundry.

Why Wash Clothes with Fabuloso?

Fabuloso is primarily a liquid cleaner for hard surfaces, like floors, walls, shower stalls, etc. Also, people occasionally use it to manage soiled clothing, handle odorous laundry loads, and as a clothing disinfectant. 

It is mostly sold in 128 fl oz bottles of purple-hued liquid. Heavily diluted, one bottle produces up to 64 gallons of general-purpose cleaner. 

The biodegradable product cleans, disinfects, and adds a strong lavender scent (other scents are available). I use the cleaner for everything from washing sheets and mopping floors to remove marks on carpets and disinfecting laundry. 

Focusing on the laundry side of things, it sanitizes badly soiled and tough to clean clothing. Even when heavily diluted, the liquid is powerful enough to get inside the fibers to neutralize unpleasant odors. 

Lingering smells in linens or clothing don’t always get removed with one or more washes. For this reason, adding some Fabuloso, along with laundry detergent, refreshes difficult items differently from a detergent and fabric softener combo. Using it alone is also possible. 

Note: Delicate clothing items aren’t suitable for Fabuloso. It is a robust all-purpose cleaner and doesn’t play nicely with them. However, denim, thick cotton, and more robust fabrics are typically fine. 

10 Benefits of Using Fabuloso in Laundry

There are some strong benefits to using Fabuloso in laundry, on occasion. I wouldn’t recommend it for use every time, but it does clean in ways that laundry detergents do not. 

Here are the benefits of using Fabuloso in laundry:

Attractive Fragrances

Fabuloso delivers a strong smell to your clothes. While the most common fragrance with this all-purpose cleaner is lavender, there are other options. The other fragrances include lemon, citrus, and ocean breeze. 

Adding the cleaning product to a load of laundry, or one or two garments specifically, refreshes clothing fibers. It removes 99.9% of bacteria and eliminates unpleasant odors, replacing them with a new scent.

To reduce a Fragrance’s Potency, Either:

  1. Mix Fabuloso with laundry detergent on a 50/50 basis. It reduces the fragrance’s pungency, so it’s less noticeable to you, or others.
  2. First, disinfect clothes, towels, cloths, or other items. Then to get the laundry-fresh smell back, re-wash them only in laundry detergent.

Low Foam

Unlike some other alternatives to laundry detergents, Fabuloso produces little foam during use. It does foam up though – don’t be confused about this.

I recommend adding 1/6th of a cup for washing machine loads or a small cup of it when hand washing in a tub. It’s best to pour it into the machine’s detergent tray or an already-filled handwashing tub of water. Doing so reduces potential foaming. 

Mixes Well with Other Cleaning Solutions

Fabuloso mixes nicely with other laundry and general cleaning products.

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For example, it’s usable on its own or with laundry detergents. Generally speaking, mixing it with detergent does not cause staining or other unexpected results. If concerned, then use it on its own for a washing load. 

A bottle of Fabuloso is mixable with Lysol as a potent household cleaning liquid.

Another example is removing hard water staining in shower stalls. To do so, blend distilled white vinegar with Fabuloso. It removes the glass stains and disinfects at the same time. 

pH Neutral

A low acidic or alkaline level is required when washing clothes, otherwise, fabrics get damaged. What helps with this is a neutral pH level, and Fabuloso provides it.

Therefore, it protects clothing fabrics rather than impairs them. That is when used only occasionally on the same items. 

Sanitizer / Disinfectant

Another excellent benefit is as a disinfectant and sanitizer for washing. At least 99.9% of bacteria and germs are eliminated when washing clothes this way. 

Clothing infected with a mysterious bacteria smells funky. Sometimes, you cannot get the smell out, either. This disinfectant is powerful enough to reach down into the fibers and eliminate these odorous wrongdoers. 

Simple to Use

Fabuloso is not complicated to use. It only requires dilution in water or adding to the detergent dispenser tray of a washing machine. 


When compared to other cleaning solutions, it won’t break the bank. Not only is it affordable, but a single 128 fl oz bottle provides up to 64 gallons of diluted cleaner. 

One bottle lasts for years!

Environmentally Friendly

The product is biodegradable. It’s also produced without any phosphates, so it’s non-polluting. 


If you’re fed up storing scores of different household cleaners at home, then you’ll love Fabuloso.

It performs more than double duty as an all-purpose cleaner for laundry, kitchen floors, soiled carpeting, and more. 

The Downsides to Washing Clothes With Fabuloso

To be clear, they never intended Fabuloso to be used with laundry. However, busy households discovered its occasional use to disinfect and clean stubborn items was worthwhile. 

There are some potential downsides to washing clothes with Fabuloso. Here they are:

It Does Not Eliminate Mold

Whilst the liquid is an excellent disinfecting agent and handy to have, it won’t remove all mold present. So, if you’re clearing out an old room with clothing in it or items stuck at the back of the closet for many months, it’s not a magic solution.

For more effective mold removal, use hydrogen peroxide (on moldy whites only), vinegar, or baking soda.  

Repeated Use May Damage Fabrics

Fabuloso is good for disinfecting, and it’s environmentally friendly, too. With that said, it is not advisable to wash the same items repeatedly with it. 

Two or three washes over time are likely fine. However, using it as a regular addition to your laundry detergent to disinfect each load is not recommended. If doing so, fibers get damaged and eventually disintegrate.

Like most things in life, moderation is key. 

Overly Strong Smell

Depending on how delicate your sense of smell is, it’s fair to say that this multi-purpose cleaner has a strong fragrance.

Health issues, like bad sinuses or respiratory diseases such as asthma, make a person more sensitive to unusual smells. Sometimes, even strong perfumes trigger a reaction for those affected. Here, diluting the liquid further helps reduce the fragrance’s potency.

Also, sticking to your preference between the lavender, lemon, ocean breeze, and citrus fragrances available is a proactive approach. 

Avoid If You Have Sensitive Skin

If you are someone with sensitive skin, then this multi-purpose cleaner is likely overly strong for you. 

For other options, look at our laundry detergent alternatives in the latter section. 

How to Use Fabuloso in Washing Machine

It’s simple to use Fabuloso in the washing machine. Just add 1/6th of a cup or a similar measurement to the laundry. This applies whether using laundry detergent and this liquid cleaner too, or Fabuloso on its own. 

Using Fabuloso when handwashing clothes is also possible. 

Follow the steps below to hand wash items using Fabuloso:

  1. Fill a tub with water. Cold water avoids color bleeds; warm water cleans better. 
  2. Soak all items for 15-20 minutes first. It helps avoid accidental staining in a single spot.
  3. Prepare a small cup of Fabuloso cleaner. 
  4. Pour it gradually into the water to mix it well.
  5. Allow all items to soak for about 15 minutes.
  6. Remove the items from the water.
  7. Empty and clean the tub. 
  8. Add clean water to the tub again.
  9. Use the tub to rinse the clothes to remove any remaining cleaning solution.
  10. Remove the items to dry them. I prefer line drying over a washer-dryer cycle; the latter removes some scents (unless you want that). 

How to Use Fabuloso to Remove Stains from Clothes

Fabuloso is a decent stain remover, though dedicated stain remover products beat it. 

Load up a spray bottle with a one-fiftieth mix of the liquid and H2O. From there, one approach is to spray the stained items. Another method is to spray a cloth and carefully blot the affected area. Afterward, wash the clothing normally in laundry detergent. 

For more determined stains, soak the items in water overnight. When using Fabuloso for this, use cold water to prevent color bleeding. 

Caution: First, check your clothing is stain-remover safe. This means they won’t stain or lose color dye when applying a stain remover. 

Other Laundry Detergent Alternatives

Here are a couple of laundry detergent alternatives to try:

Baking soda and Distilled White Vinegar: Both as a cleaning agent and a disinfectant, baking soda and this type of vinegar are a potent combination. Only half a cup of each is required. 

Hydrogen Peroxide: As a bleach, it’s only appropriate for white clothes and linens where color dye loss is not a concern. It’s a strong disinfectant. Just half a cup is sufficient. 

More Ways to Use Fabuloso

As an all-purpose cleaner, Fabuloso is applicable for various cleaning tasks around the home. 

Here are a few potential uses:

Floor cleaner: Less pricey than Pine-Sol, it disinfects tiled floors and sealed wood flooring. 

Surfaces, Walls & Sinks: To wipe surfaces clean, use a clean cloth sprayed with some Fabuloso diluted with water, a prepared Fabuloso Microfiber Cloth, or a Fabuloso Microfiber Cleaning Mitt, are all effective. They clean, disinfect, and remove grease, too. 

Toilet cleaner: It will disinfect toilets just as well as toilet cleaning products. 

Carpet cleaner: For sullied or soiled carpets, a cloth or mitt with Fabuloso gets down into the carpet fibers. It disinfects built-up odors and bacteria growth (not mold), and removes some pet-related smells, too. 


Does Fabuloso stain clothes?

Ordinarily, it does not stain clothes. It’s important to check product labels to verify if they’re “stain remover safe” or not. This confirms they shouldn’t stain when applying a stain remover to them. Avoid using it on delicate clothing items. 

Does Fabuloso bleach clothes?

No, Fabuloso does not bleach clothes. Colors are retained through a single wash. Overly using the product on the same items, or using too much liquid per load, could eventually fade the colors. 

Does Fabuloso disinfect clothes?

Absolutely. Disinfecting and removing 99.9% of bacteria present in clothes is one of its best features. 

Can I wash items with only Fabuloso?

It is possible to either use a washing machine or to hand wash items with Fabuloso alone. Pairing it with laundry detergent is unnecessary. 

Can I mix Fabuloso with laundry detergent?

Washing items in laundry detergent and Fabuloso are fine. They provide excellent cleaning, stain removal, and disinfecting in one wash. I wouldn’t recommend repeatedly using Fabuloso on the same clothes because it damages fibers when overused.

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