Bosch Washer Error Code E29 (Step-By-Step Guide to Fix It)

To put it simply, the Bosch washing machine E29 error code is a notification that insufficient water is reaching the machine. There are various causes of this problem with the Bosch models. 

In this article, I’ll share everything I know about the Bosch washing machine error code E29, to help you out.

Bosch Washing Machine Error Code E29

A Bosch washing machine error code E29 notifies that your washing machine does not have enough water feeding into it. The LED display changes from a wash cycle to repeatedly flashing the E-29 readout. Until resolving the error, the appliance prevents the programmed cycle from continuing. 

While the reason for the error is that the washing machine has too little water being fed into it, the cause of this dilemma is less obvious. 

Here is a list of the likely causes of the E-29 error code: 

  1. A failed solenoid valve prevents water ingress.
  2. The water supply was temporarily turned off.
  3. Lower pressure water supply.
  4. Blocked or twisted water supply hose. 
  5. Failed Aqua Stop.
  6. Pressure switch failure.

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Failed Solenoid Valve

The solenoid valve regulates water intake. When it fails, it prevents water from flowing to where it needs to go. 

The unit typically has two water hoses internally connected to the solenoid unit using two clips to hold each hose in place. When the valve fails, it’s best to replace the unit rather than try to fix it. 

How to fix – Replace the Solenoid Valve Unit

  1. Turn off the power.
  2. Disable the water supply by adjusting the valve.
  3. Disconnect the water supply hose from the rear of the washing machine.
  4. Unscrew the screws securing the machine’s top panel.
  5. Remove the top panel.
  6. Use pliers to slide back the two clips, helping the internal hoses to stay connected to the solenoid valve unit. 
  7. Remove the two smaller hoses from the solenoid unit.
  8. Unclip the two white clip connectors on the right side of the solenoid unit.
  9. Remove the solenoid unit.
  10. Replace the solenoid unit with its replacement.
  11. Reconnect the hoses, clips, and connections. 
  12. Reconnect the water hose at the rear. 
  13. Turn the water supply back on by turning the inlet valve on.
  14. Run a quick test cycle to verify if the error code E29 is no longer showing.
  15. End the test cycle, disconnect the power again, and replace the top panel.
  16. Then reconnect the power and perform a last test. 

Low-Pressure Water Supply

Low water pressure either in your water supply or because of the home’s plumbing setup? Is the low pressure a new recent issue that’s arisen or has it always been an issue in the home?

How to fix – Track and Address the Low Water Pressure Issue

Here are a few things to try:

  • Check whether your neighbors have similar issues.
  • Look for water inlet clogs.
  • If using a well pump, confirm it’s functioning properly and delivering enough water pressure.
  • Did your plumbing spring a leak? Look for indicators.
  • Consider adding a water pressure booster kit for the home.

Water Supply Turned Off

It is amazing how many times a homeowner turned the mains water supply off but forgot to turn it back on afterward. 

Many appliance maintenance call outs occur due to this simple oversight. Relocating a washing machine to a new location or returning it to its old position post-repair are common reasons for this.  

How to fix – Check the Valve and Turn it to Full to Increase Water Flow

Ensure the valve is fully open. Someone could have accidentally knocked it or reset it to half open.

Alternatively, it’s possible to turn it off but forget to turn it back on. If no water is flowing with the valve open, confirm if your home or the street is experiencing a water supply issue.   

Water Supply Hose Blocked or Twisted

Unclean water supplies or contaminants in the underground water pipes block up supply hoses.  

Alternatively, hoses get twisted, and this slows or stops water flow, causing the E-29 error code.

How to fix – Untangle the Hose and Check for Obstructions

Carefully untangle the hose to straighten it out. Be careful not to cause damage to the hose’s structure, to avoid future water leaks and pressure loss. 

Check for obstructions inside the hose, potentially causing a pressure loss. Debris or dirt in the water supply or pipes causes this. If you find an obstruction, remove the hose, and squeeze it. This will move the obstruction along until it’s free. Then reconnect the hose. 

Also, a raised hose above the intake level is problematic. It affects the water flow, if so. 

Failed Aqua Stop

The Aqua Stop detects leaks inside the washing machine. Its job is to halt the supply of water when detecting a leak. 

Should the Aqua Stop device fail, it leads to the E29 error code shown.

How to fix – Manually Reset Before Replacing the Aqua Stop Part

Disengage the water supply before unplugging the washer. Give it a little while for the water to move around. Now inspect it for any water leakage. 

Once you’re sure it’s fine, plug the washer back in and reengage the water. Give your Bosch washing machine a test. 

Try it a couple of times. If the problem persists, then the part needs replacing. 

Pressure Switch Failure

The pressure switch sensor controls the amount of water flowing inside the washing machine. Sometimes, the membrane inside has a blockage.

Other times, the sensor itself suffers an outright failure. 

How to fix – Check the Internal Membrane Before Replacing the Pressure Switch

Before going the extra mile by replacing and fitting a new pressure switch, it’s best to verify whether the membrane inside is causing the issues. To do this:

  1. Remove the top panel by unscrewing the rear screws.
  2. Locate the circular sensor. It has a hose connected and a few wires snaking into it.
  3. Remove the hose. 
  4. Now put it back in position again.
  5. Give the pressure switch a very gentle tap.
  6. Replace the top panel.
  7. Is it resolved now? Test it. 

Wrapping Up

Once you’ve worked through the potential causes and applied the relevant fix, you should be able to fix the E29 error code on your Bosch washing machine.

I’ve found that it’s rarely two causes running concurrently. Usually, one fix and your washing is running again. 

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