After Owning a Beko Washer for 2 Years, Here’s My Review

Beko is a newer brand in the US market but has been around in Europe since the 1950s. Considered a mid-tier household appliance brand, it balances innovative features with an affordable price tag. 

Around 2 years ago, I purchased the Beko WFTV10733XC model for my mom. Today, I want to share my experience with these machines and what my mom thinks about it.

Beko Washing Machines – Key Takeaways

  • Mid-tier home appliance brand. Started with fridges, now produces many types of home appliances.
  • Made in Turkey. Lesser-known brand; well established in Europe.
  • Innovator in the US market: First to release a ventless heat pump drive dryer for reduced energy consumption and less heat expulsion.
  • Better than average reliability, based on Yale Appliance repair history.

Are Beko Washing Machine Good?

Beko washing machines are a good option for consumers looking for innovative features and above-average reliability. They’re energy-efficient too. Their ProSmart quiet inverter motors are fitted to some models for quieter operations.

A small yet capable range of different sizes of washing machines gives Beko an edge in a crowded marketplace. Their pricing sits in the middle of what’s possible. They’ve skipped potential low-quality and poor reliability issues on the cheap end.

However, they won’t touch Bosch for features, yet there isn’t the sticker shock from a top-tier brand either. 

Beko Washing Machine
My mom Beko’s Washing Machine

What I Like and What I Don’t Like About Beko Washers

As a newer brand in the United States, it’s understandable if consumers view Beko with a little skepticism. After all, their friends or neighbors won’t necessarily own one of their appliances.

However, they sell over 1.5m appliances in the UK annually and have over 20m+ sold worldwide. 

What I Like

  • Plentiful programs and wash cycles, even on basic models.
  • A familiar dial interface combined with a digital display to adjust the time, intensity, spin levels, etc. 
  • A backlit display that’s easily visible in low light is common in laundry rooms and basements.
  • One model has Wi-Fi connectivity and communicates with a mobile app for alerts and to select programs and cycles.
  • Appliance design wastes little space.
  • Steam programs performed better than expected. Reduced ironing time. 
  • Often uses recycled plastic bottles in its composition. 
  • Child Lock to prevent the little ones from opening the door accidentally.
  • Energy Star awarded.

What I Don’t Like

  • The wash cycles often required longer than expected. Not overly so, but a few minutes extra. However, the results were decent. 
  • Energy consumption is lower for some other brands. 
  • No microplastics trap.
  • A little pricey for what you get. Not Bosch-level pricey, but slightly more than I’d anticipated. 
A close up view of a Beko washing machine

Beko Washing Machines Types & Models

Beko washing machines are available in several models and types. Here are the unit options available in the United States.

Smart Washing Machines

The 24-inch front loader washer model WFTV10733XC includes Wi-Fi connectivity. Of the three washer models sold in the US, it is the only one that includes connectivity. 

Beko provides their HomeWhiz mobile app, available for free on Android and iOS. The app lets you select your settings when away from the digital display and check on the completion of your wash.

Front Loading Washing Machines

Beko offers several front-loading washing machines in the US, including the smart one mentioned above. These support between 1.95 to 2.5 cu. Ft. capacity (7-10 kg per load) via a 24-inch drum.

Their three washer models scored well on their Energy Star ratings, helping to keep energy costs lower. They’re also efficient in water management, too. 

Top-Loading Washing Machines

Beko sells no top-loading washing machines in the US market.


Currently, Beko sells no washer-dryer combo appliances in North America. However, they do sell 3 front-loading dryer appliances, including two with energy-efficient heat pump drives, for lower heat emissions and reduced energy bills.

These appliances stack atop your Beko washing machine. Their washing machine factsheet, linked in our reviews below, confirms which dryer to pair with it. 

Though they save space horizontally, washer-dryer combination appliances are known to perform poorly compared to a separate washer and dryer installation. 

Beko washer cycle options
I bought this Beko machine in Denmark, so all settings are in Danish...

Features Offered in Beko Washing Machines

The latest Beko washers deliver exceptional features such as Wi-Fi connectivity to know when your washing is finished, OptiSense to balance energy, detergent use, spin cycles, and more, efficient motors (particularly the inverter motor), and Fast+ for quicker wash cycles. 

Programs and programmed cycle options vary between Beko washer models. Therefore, the features detailed below are not present in all models.

Here are just some of the interesting features available in select Beko washing machines:


To prevent wasted detergent, AutoDose ensures washing machines retrieve only the correct amount of liquid or powder detergent for the selected wash cycle or program.

This feature is only occasionally available on select appliance models in the US market. 


AQUAtech is available in some models. It is evident by the raised-level blue bars on the inside of the drum. It periodically releases a mix of water and detergent during a wash.  

The detergent delivery is timed for when a blue section is at the uppermost point, to let gravity and the spray move downward into the load for potential maximum distribution. 

The novel approach focuses more on water movement to partially replace drum rotation. Potentially, this cuts down on the wear and tear.

It also speeds up wash cycles. AquaIntense and the AquaQuick wash cycles – covered below – make use of AQUAtech delivery systems. 


One latest feature with newer Beko washer models is AquaIntense. Using the AQUAtech technology allows the washing machine to complete an intense wash cycle approximately 15 minutes sooner than Beko’s normal wash cycle. 

With that said, it is not the fastest wash cycle option with most Beko washers. AquaQuick cycle laps it but is a shortcut wash cycle with some necessary compromises made. 

AquaQuick/Daily Xpress

AquaQuick aka AquaQuick Wash 20’ aka Daily Xpress are wash cycles that require approximately 28 minutes to complete. 

They work with loads from 5kg up to 10kg. The spin rate, to reduce remaining water saturation levels, runs up to 1,400 RPMs. This supports quicker drying times. 


Some models include the SuperQuick program cycle. It is ideal for smaller laundry loads that need washing super-fast. Capable of only washing up to 2kg, laundry is done at a lower maximum temperature of 30° with a planned duration of 14 minutes. 

With such a truncated wash time and a lower temperature wash, the SuperQuick program is only suitable for the lightest of soiling. 


Alternatively, some models include the Fast+ cycle. It speeds up several wash cycles compared to their usual running times.

Different models include select speed-related wash cycles. Some are reserved for top-end models, whereas others fit into the budget category.


The Auto program automatically detects the level of soiling and adjusts the wash temperature and duration. 


OptiSense cleverly balances time taken, energy usage, water required, and detergent accessed when delivering perfect cleaning results.

Depending on the cycle and other choices made, the technology makes on-the-fly adjustments to customizing each wash. 

ProSmart Inverter Motor

Some models feature an upgraded motor. Instead of the conventional washer motor, the ProSmart Inverter motor consumes less energy via its brushless design.

To reduce total energy demand, the optimized motor’s internal rotation delivers the power required at the lowest rpms. 

Also, the inverter motor is quieter thanks to reduced friction. Higher durability is another feature, cutting down on instances of motor failure (accordingly, these motors usually come with a 10-year warranty).

Note: Some of Beko’s dishwashers also use this upgraded motor type. 

Wi-Fi Connectivity via HomeWhiz

A few models include Wi-Fi connectivity. The HomeWhiz mobile app for Android and iOS smartphone devices connects to the washer unit.

Using the app, it’s possible to set the program for a new washing load and to be digitally alerted when a wash cycle has finished. 

DrumClean and DrumClean+

Bacteria and unwanted germs get inside the drum and the washer appliance. This occurs for several reasons, including washing moldy clothes and leaving damp clothes inside the drum for an extended period. 

The DrumClean feature removes bacteria and detergent residue either inside the drum or the detergent drawer. It’s helpful to run the program every 1-2 months. 

Tub Sanitize

Tub Sanitize is another program that aims to clean the internal washer. They sometimes include it when DrumClean or DrumClean+ are not present. 

Drum Light

Drum Light is an added convenience for some models. When opening the door, an LED light illuminates the drum’s interior. This makes it easier to unload the washer after hours.  


Whilst applying stain removal treatments directly on stains is fine, some washer appliances assist in this effort. Beko has a StainExpert program which specializes in cleaning a variety of stains.

Select from 24 stain types before initiating a wash. This helps the appliance to remove stains better. 

SteamCure and Steam Refresh/Refresh

Beko offers multiple steam cleaning options depending on the appliance model. These come under different monikers: SteamCure, Steam Refresh, and Refresh.

The idea is to first heat the water to approximately 60°C. Delivered as steam inside the drum, it dislodges dirt and softens grimy stains. At this temperature, the steam also removes approximately 99 percent of common bacteria. This leaves the load odor-free. 

After steaming, ironing is 50 percent easier.


SteamTherapy is a program available on select models. It steams 1 kilogram of already dry clothes for 15 minutes to de-wrinkle clothing. 

Anti-allergy+ / Allergens

The various Steam-related programs – detailed above – also work on allergens. However, some Beko washer models include a special Anti-allergy+ or Allergen program instead. 

To reduce sensitivity for infants, and for people with sensitive skin, the Anti-allergy+ program lengthens the wash time to clean better. It also includes an additional rinse cycle, to get items a little less wet.

Pet Care+

Pet Care+ is either a separate program or included as part of Anti-allergy+. It aims to help with pet allergies. 

This program adds a pre-wash to the included cycles. It also adds a second rinse cycle to remove additional pet hair that would otherwise still be stuck to clothing, towels, and other items. 


Hygiene+ is a program to remove microorganisms present in the load. Permitting up to a 90° wash to remove almost 100% of allergens, it implements extra spin and rinse cycles, too. 


The Reload feature allows easier access to the drum after a cycle is already underway. It grants access to open the washer’s door, either to remove or add more items. 

Wrinkle Free

The Wrinkle Free program reduces clothing wrinkles. It does this by altering the drum’s movement to a wavelike motion, rather than a strictly rotational one. 

Heavy Duty/Whites

A wash program for white clothing, such as dress shirts. And for heavy-duty items. 

Dark Wash/Jeans

Alternatively, the Dark Wash/Jeans cycle is best for non-white clothing. These items withstand the rougher treatment typically necessary to remove embedded dirt. 

Eco Clean

Limited to 3.5kg of cotton items, such as t-shirts, it cleans lightly soiled items with less energy consumption and H2O.

Hand Wash/Delicates

Intended for delicates and woolens, a lowered heat level and gentle drum agitation are the hallmarks here. Even non-machine wash items are, it’s suggested, washable inside a Beko machine with this program. 

Best Beko Washing Machines

A short while ago, I purchased the Beko WFTV10733XC model for my mom. I especially liked it because the clear digital display helped her see the information clearly, and the Wi-Fi linked the washer to my phone.

The HomeWhiz app is useful for alerting when needing to move the laundry from the washer to the Beko dryer (without needing to set an alarm using Alexa). 

Here’s my review of the best Beko washing machine presently:

Beko 24” Front Load Washer – Best Top-Model

The front-loading, full-sized Beko WFTV10733XC washing machine has an excellent capacity for medium to large households. It has its most advanced LED display to customize programs and wash cycles. 

It’s also a smart washer because it connects to the HomeWhiz mobile app via Wi-Fi. As part of the RecycledTub scheme, it’s eco-friendly with 60 plastic bottles used in its production. The Fast+ program also speeds up wash cycles by up to 55%. 

Beko Washer Model WFTV10733XC

  • Capacity: 9 kg
  • Max Spin Speed: 1,400 rpm
  • Features: Fast+, SteamCure, RecycledTub, ProSmart Inverter Motor, Allergen/Pet Care+, AquaIntense Wash, SteamTherapy, TubClean, and Child Lock.

See: Beko Factsheet

Beko 24” Front Load Washer – Best Compact Model

The front-loading, compact Beko BWM7200X washing machine is a good choice for small to mid-sized households. It has a 7 kg capacity and spins its drum a little slower.

There is a delay timer for up to 19 hours to start a wash. They include no connectivity in this model, so the timer is handy. The Allergen and Tub Sanitize programs ensure both clothing and machine remain hygienic over many wash cycles. 

Beko Washer Model BWM7200X

  • Capacity: 7 kg
  • Max Spin Speed: 1,200 rpm
  • Features: Stainless Steel drum, digital display, 19 hr. timer, Allergen, Spin + Drain, Quick Wash, Organic Wash, Heavy Duty, and Tub Sanitize. 

See: Beko Factsheet

Beko 24” Front Load Washer – Best Mid-Range Model

The front-loading, full-sized Beko WMY10148C2 washing machine features their ProSmart Inverter Motor for energy efficiency, OptiSense for optimized machine usage, and their largest 10 kg capacity. Sadly, it lacks Wi-Fi connectivity, but it’s not a deal breaker. 

With 1,400 rpms and a reasonable Energy Star rating, this Beko model delivers via numerous cycles and programs. These include a Pet Hair Removal, Super Quick 20 min wash, and a Bedding one. Each has its place as more specialized washing for larger households. 

Beko Washer Model WMY10148C2

  • Capacity: 10 kg
  • Max Spin Speed: 1,400 rpm
  • Features: ProSmart Inverter Motor, 16 wash cycles, Pet Hair Removal Plus, Super Quick 20 min, Pre-soak, Rinse Plus (an additional rinse cycle), OptiSense, Bedding, Wrinkle Free, Delicates, and a 24hr. timer. 

See: Beko Factsheet

My Beko Washer

Common Beko Washing Machine Problems to Be Aware of Before Buying

On reliability and durability, Beko scores above average with appliance repairers.

Nevertheless, below are the common Beko washing machine problems that arise:

  • Blocked pumps – The drain pump filter gets blocked fairly easily. However, this is a simple matter to unblock and takes little time.
  • Bearings failure – Some Beko washers use a sealed drum design. In the event of a bearing failure, it’s necessary to replace the drum. 
  • Control board dies – Should the control board die on you? A new replacement is required. 
  • Single-drive motor issues – Beko washing machines using a single-drive motor are subject to failure due to their carbon brushes. Other brands’ motors have fewer issues here. 


How Do Beko Washing Machines Compare to Other Brands?

The best comparison to Beko is the Miele brand. Their washer models are available in a wider range than Beko in the US market. 

To compare and contrast at the higher end of the market, Bosch is the brand to consider. They are typically a few hundred bucks more per model and possess features other brands lack. 

For example, some Bosch washer models have more powerful or slightly more effective programs and cycles. They should last longer too, but that’s expected with their higher upfront cost. 

How Long Will a Beko Washing Machine Last?

It’s fair to expect a Beko washing machine to last 8-10 years. 

A model will probably require the odd replacement part here, and a service, after the 5-year mark. 

For appliance models with an Inverter brushless motor, the motor comes with a 10-year warranty. 

Who Makes Beko Washing Machine?

Arçelik produces Beko appliances. Beko is owned by this white goods manufacturing company. This has been the case for many years.

The brand has been selling appliances since the 1950s, so they’re not a new kid on the block. 

Where Are Beko Washing Machines Made?

Primarily, Beko washing machines are manufactured in Turkey and shipped or flown to the relevant market. 

Final Thoughts

My mom is very happy with her Beko washer and hasn’t had any issues with it so far. They’re dependable and you’ll likely get years of usage out of one.

There are many wash cycles and programs set and adjust your wash to what’s required. While not the most energy efficient, they still have acceptable Energy Star ratings in the top quartile. 

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