How to Unlock Beko Washing Machine (Step-By-Step Guide)

When a Beko washing machine door is locked, there are usually five reasons why, which include:

  1. Power failure during a wash cycle
  2. The door was locked for safety reasons
  3. The control board is scrambled
  4. Block drain hose
  5. A general malfunction

Also, make sure it’s not just the child lock! I spent an hour once trying to find the problem, only to realize the child lock had been activated the whole time…So, if you notice a padlock symbol on the display, it means that the child lock has been turned on.

To turn it off, press the second and fourth (left to right) auxiliary buttons at the same time for three seconds.

Moving on!

There are a few ways to unlock a Beko washing machine door, including door release tricks, using a secret door mechanism, plus some old-school techniques. In this article, you’ll learn all the methods, but first, let’s go a little deeper into the reasons behind this annoying issue!

5 reasons Why a Beko Washing Machine Door Won’t Open

Here are the five most common causes why a Beko washing machine door is not opening.

Power Failure During a Wash Cycle

In regions where the power grid is unreliable due to insufficient capacity during peak hours or inconsistent service, a Beko washing machine gets tripped up.

Also, when the current fluctuates, this messes with electronic circuits. It causes them to get confused or temporarily malfunction. Other household appliances and electronics also get affected. 

In the event of a power failure or a momentary power cut, the machine’s door locks in place. It then may not open in the normal manner. Water is likely stuck inside the drum and requires draining before the door will release too. 

The Door Locked for Safety Reasons

All washing machine door lock mechanisms remain locked once a washing program cycle is initiated.

It prevents issues with forgetfulness when returning and opening the door while the washing drum is filled with water and rotating. 

The Control Board is Scrambled

The control board inside a washing machine is fairly basic, but it does its job. However, it won’t manage unexpected situations well.

Therefore, just like with a PC that sometimes requires a reboot as the only recourse to resolve teething issues, the same is true of washing machines. Beko washing appliances are no exception, as are other brands.

Resetting the machine clears the control board like it is day one. This solves many problems when other solutions aren’t doing the trick. 

Block Drain Hose

Hoses connected to the appliance allow water to be fed into and removed from the washing machine at the beginning and end of the washing cycle. 

Sometimes, drain hoses become blocked with dirt and debris. Eventually, this either slows the water-draining process or halts it. In either situation, water remains inside the drum, and the door won’t release until the water is drained out.

Also, the drain filter gets clogged too. Cleaning this at the same time is beneficial, too. 

A General Malfunction

In certain circumstances, a general malfunction causes the door to be locked in position. 

This might be a failure of the door latch system – where a part is broken internally – or the message to release the door isn’t reaching the solenoid because the control board or wiring is messed up. 

Multiple causes lead to a general malfunction. Then it’s necessary to “work the problem” to eliminate likely causes and fix various issues until resolving the matter. 

6 Ways to Unlock a Beko Washing Machine Door

Now you know what is causing the problem, here are six ways you can try to open the door.

Open the Door at the Correct Time

New Beko owners sometimes get caught out by the lock not being immediately released. 

Modern Beko washing machines have an LED light next to the “Ready” label and another next to the “End / Cancel” label.

Once the washing cycle has ended, the Ready LED light flashes repeatedly for a few seconds. The End LED light comes on and remains illuminated, not flashing, to confirm the washing cycle has been completed. 

The door does not release until the Ready light has stopped flashing. This may take a minute or two.

Also, turn the dial to the off or no program position – usually with the black line pointing skyward. Then the Ready light should stop flashing and the door lock releases.

Turn the Beko Washing Machine Off and On Again

If the washing machine has not released the door, and there is no water trapped inside the drum, try unplugging the appliance. 

Leave it off for 2 minutes and then plug it back in. Hopefully, this refreshes the appliance and is enough to release the door latch mechanism. 

Reset the Machine by Turning it Off for 10+ Minutes

When the door isn’t unlocking even after turning it off for a couple of minutes, then try unplugging it for 10+ minutes.

This performs a basic reset of the washing machine and unscrambles a confused control board, too. Once plugged back in, the Ready LED light should now be off, and the door latch released. 

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Clear the Drain Hose and Pump Filter

A blocked drain hose backs up the water and prevents it from fully draining from the washing drum. The same is true of the pump filter if it becomes too clogged. As a result, the door remains locked as a safety measure. 

Follow the 9 steps below to resolve the issue:

  1. Turn off the washing machine.
  2. Place an empty tub or bucket where the drain hose is located at the rear and the drain pump is located at the front corner. 
  3. Unscrew the drain hose. Then remove the filter pump.
  4. Drain any water present.
  5. Clean the drain and filter pump by flushing them with water.
  6. Once all the dirt and debris are removed, reinstall the pump and reattach the drain pump to the machine.
  7. Turn the appliance back on.
  8. Activate the Spin & Drain program option to force the water to drain out. 
  9. Once the cycle is complete, the door should unlock. 

Nylon or Trimmer Line to Release the Door 

A nylon line or similar is usable on Beko washing machine models, where the internal door locking hook is directionally pointed inwards. 

Insert the line around the door’s interior. Gradually use it to catch the door lock hook and release it.

Warning: Be aware that the nylon line could scratch the exterior door surface, which isn’t desirable on a newer appliance.

Use an Expired Plastic Credit Card

An old-school approach is to use a bendable credit card or similar. 

It is positioned at an angle to gain access to the stuck door hook and trip it open.  

Again, be careful not to accidentally scratch the door when moving the card in and out from the side of the door.

My Beko Washing Machine Door is Still Locked – What to Do?

If your Beko washer door still won’t open, it’s either a broken internal part or the child lock.

Broken Internal Parts

Parts related to the door hook, door latch, or exterior handle sometimes fail. Then the door becomes stuck. 

In some situations, removing the top lid of the Beko washing appliance and manually activating the door parts releases the door. It’s tricky and requires some dexterity and both hands. 

If there are one or more broken parts, an appliance engineer callout or using your unexpired appliance warranty are your best options. 

Beko Washing Machine Child Lock

Someone can easily enable the child lock mode by mistake. A padlock symbol displays or flashes to confirm the mode is ON.  

To deactivate the child lock, press down the second and the fourth aux buttons. Hold them both down for 3-5 seconds. It then replaces the padlock symbol with a padlock symbol with a line struck through it.

The child lock mode is now turned off. The door should be released. 


Why is the lock symbol flashing on my Beko washing machine?

The lock symbol confirms the child lock is activated. It is easy to do it by accident.

To disable it, hold down the 2nd and 4th auxiliary buttons for several seconds. 

How to open Beko washing machine door mid-cycle?

It is not possible to open a Beko washing machine mid-cycle because the washing drum still contains water. It is locked due to safety reasons.

Instead, reset the program, then select the Spin and Drain option. This eventually drains sufficient water from the drum to automatically release the door. 

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